Learning Math Early Is Crucial For Your Kid’s Success

Expertise in elementary math is a major skill one should possess in order to be successful in the twenty-first century. Moreover, it is also a crucial component of the early education of your child. Studies have pointed out that the fundamental math skills, which pupils are taught at their young age can build a solid foundation for the success if their future endeavors. It is also a great indicator of whether the said student will be capable of meeting and overcoming fresh challenges while they mature over the years.

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Students with elementary math skill tend to achieve more academic success

Expertise on early math concepts can not only forecast achievement in future math but it can also determine the success of a child’s eye when he or she attains adulthood. One of the researchers in Northeastern a University called Greg Duncan conducted a detailed study on thirty-five thousand pre-school kids. The study revealed that early skills in mathematical concepts are of paramount importance. According to this research, pupils who were enrolled in kindergarten schools with fundamental math skills and could improve on them stand at a better position to achieve a higher level of academic success, irrespective of whether they are suffering from emotional or social programs. The study found that the most crucial factor to predict academic achievement, later on, is when kids start their school with an expertise on early literacy and math concepts.

There are many other expert opinions and research that echo the findings of Duncan’s study.

Parents’ role in encouraging their children to excel in abacus math for kindergarten

Though there are innovative strategies of teaching math that have evolved over the years in classrooms so that the pupils can grasp the math concepts quickly and easily, parents can also help in this journey by talking about the importance of mathematics and numbers with their little ones at homes.

Parents can actually employ various simple and easy math activities to keep their kids engaged and get them ready for elementary math. For example, parents of kids may draw attention towards signs or numbers while driving or walking with their little ones. Referring to numbers and figures into daily conversation with children can also prove to be useful. For instance, parents can ask them how many toys or storybooks they have with them, how many cars are parked in the parking lot and so on. When parents pitch in, it becomes easier for the teachers to nurture the basic math skills by encouraging them to develop skills on problem-solving and introducing the young ones to fundamental mathematical concepts. Parents can also enroll their kids to reputable math enrichment Singapore programs where special care is taken by highly-skilled math instructors to make the kids comfortable with basic concepts of mathematics.

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