Singapore’s Enrichment Classes Can Boost Your Toddler’s Developmental Skills

toddler enrichment classes

A child is expected to sit, walk, and talk, etc. within a predictable time frame. These are called developmental achievements. They occur in five main areas like cognitive, social & emotional, speech & language, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills development.

The kids must be able to learn and solve problems. They should also be able to interact with others and show signs of self-control. This includes playing in turn with others, smiling, and waving bye-bye. Next is to understand and use language for communication. They should, further, be able to pick & hold small objects and learn how to sit or stand with support as their fine and gross motor schools.

Singapore enrichment classes adopt fun and educational activities for toddlers to boost their developmental skills. These classes teach many things from ballet, swimming, gymnastics, cooking, and a lot more. There are also reading, storytelling, music, singing, and visual & performing arts cooking classes. As the toddlers take part in these classes, in a group, they learn how to work as a team and contribute to the group objective.

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Know How to Plan Fun Activities for Toddlers And Infants

No matter if you happen to be a parent or a teacher, you must plan lessons for their growth and development. If your program makes the little darlings smile and giggle, they will be engaged immediately. And, this will stimulate them to learn things.

Infancy and toddle-hood are the times when the babies start knowing about their surroundings using their senses. They also learn to manipulate their body and discover what they can do with this. Using things that demonstrate cause and effect relationship like making noise or bouncing back when things are hit is good at this stage.

One can also provide them playmates like a doll, teddy bear, or materials from around the home. The babies will love to play with these and mimic adults in the process. Such things help to build a strong interpersonal connection.

Infants and toddlers are always after moving. Provide them enough free space for moving freely. They are ever curious and imaginative. Provide them durable books with rich images. Also, sing songs and recite rhymes for learning the language.

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Get the Younger Children Moving and Growing with Physical Activities!

Daily physical activities are good for everybody, especially for children. As a parent, you must also move with the kids to make it family fun. The kids enjoy this and will keep it doing. As a result, they acquire better movement skills.

It is better to start physical activities in early childhood. Age-based physical activities should be introduced for drawing maximum benefit. These can be started even before the babies learn to walk. They can be placed on a large blanket or something like that for learning to tilt their heads. When babies starting walking, things like climbing stairs becomes a fun activity.

One can also give them the practice of bouncing, catching, hitting, and kicking softballs as they age further. Throwing, chasing soap bubbles, silly walking, throwing balls, etc are great for the next stage.

As the year passes, you can also let them have organized sports like riding tri-cycles and then bicycles under supervision. Also, involve them in jumping and dancing to music. Lastly, let your child play in a group.

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